About Plant Based Ambassadors LLC

Nathan Hurwitz and his wife started Plant Based Ambassadors LLC in 2018 in response to the growing plant-based foods movement and lifestyle. Through their experiences as brand ambassadors and marketing professionals, they realized that marketing strategies for vegan and plant-based products required a specialized and unique narrative for everyday consumers. They are passionate about living a plant-based lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same because of the environmental, health, and animal welfare benefits. When you work with Nathan you will gain access to a nuanced approach to framing the plant-based narrative in a positive and attractive way for consumers from all backgrounds.   

Meet our Team!

Nathan Hurwitz
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Nathan credits every positive life decision to his wife, Emily, and is also a graduate of the University of Maryland - College Park with a Masters in Public Policy. Nathan is passionate about promoting the sustainability of plant-based foods and beverages and their ability to shift the national conversation on food's impact on human health and the environment. Nathan is also a conversational enthusiast and will probably talk your ear off. 

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